Route 10 (Green) Alamogordo Main Route

Route 10 (Green) Alamogordo Mail Route

Service from Wal-Mart to GCRMC and White Sands Mall
Service Hours: Hourly from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM – Mon thru Sat

102Zia Therapy / 1st St
103Headstart / 1st St:05
104Las Ventanas / 1st St
105Azotea / 1st St
106Abbott / Scenic
107Hendrix / 10th St
108Cedar / 10th St:10
109Adams St / 10th St
110Jefferson / 10th St
111Subway / 10th St
112Lowes Grocery / 10th St:15
11312th St / White Sands
11416th / White Sands
115NMSBVI / Indian Wells:20
116Cuba / Indian Wells
117Ballet Academy / Indian Wells
118Arizona / Indian Wells:25
119Juniper / Indian Wells
120 *NMSU-A / Scenic Dr
121 #GCRMC / Medical Dr:30
122Plateau Espresso / N. Scenic
123Rosewood / N. Scenic
124White Sands Mall:40
125Aero Lp / Fairgrounds Rd
126Canal St / N. Florida
127NMSBVI / W. Indian Wells
12814th St / White Sands :50
129Walgreen’s / White Sands


All time points are approximate

^NMSBVINew Mexico School of the Blind and Visually Impaired
*NMSU-ANew Mexico State University in Alamogordo
#GCRMCGerald Champion Regional Medical Center