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Ztrans Public Transportation now offers live tracking for all active routes.
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Bus Riding Tips

  1. Arrive at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time. Although every effort is made to remain on time, delays may occur.
  2. Wait for the bus at designated bus stop locations only.
  3. Have the exact change, or bus pass ready when boarding the bus. This speeds up the boarding process and gets you on your way.
  4. If you need to transfer to another bus to complete your ride, tell the driver you are transferring as soon as you board the bus. You may only transfer at Wal-Mart or White Sands Mall.
  5. Be considerate to others. Seats in the front of the bus are designated for individuals with disabilities, and senior citizens.
  6. Please remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop. Watch your step as you exit the bus.

For Your Safety and Comfort Bus Riding Tips

  1. NO SMOKING, EATING or DRINKING on the bus. A bus free of litter makes your trip more enjoyable and cuts down on our costs.
  2. Do not talk to the driver while the bus is in motion.
  3. The use of audio devices without earphones and other disruptive behavior is prohibited.
  4. Baby carriages, strollers, or small shopping carts, which cannot be readily collapsed or secured so that they do not block aisles or present an impediment to other passengers are prohibited on the bus.
  5. Service animals are allowed on the bus. Small animals are allowed if they are in a secure small carrier that can be carried without danger or offense to other passengers.
  6. Firearms and hazardous materials (e.g., batteries, gasoline) are prohibited on the bus.


  1. Bus drivers have the right to refuse services to anyone.
    Los Conductorses de autobus tienen el derecho derecho de rechazar prestar el servicio a culaquier persona.
  2. Do not interfere with bus driver while the bus is in motion.
    No intergieren con elconductor del autobus mientras el autobus esta en movimiento.
  3. Set belts must wonat all times.
    Los condouctores de seguridad deben ser usados en todo momento.
  4. Bus drivers only drop off at bus stops.
    Los conductores de autobus solo dejan en las paradas de autobus.
  5. No open container of alcohlic beverages allowed on bus.
    Voilators will be arrested
    No utilice envases abiertos de bebudas aloholicas permitidoc en el autobus.
    Los infractores seran arrestados.
  6. You must pay when getting on the bus.
    Usted debe pagar al subir al autobus.
  7. Pay with correct change or punch passes only. Drivers do not carry money.
    Pat el cambio correcto o punzon pasa solamente. Los conduvtores no lievan dinero.
  8. No food or drink will conued on bus.
    Ningun alimento o bebida se en al autobus.
  9. The use Audie Devoce without earphone, or other disruptive behavior is prohibited.
    EL uso de dispositivos de audio sin ouriculares, o comportamiento disruptive otras circunstancias.
  10. Service animals are allowed on the bus. Small animals are allowed, but only in a secure small carrier that can be carried without danager or offense to other passengers.
    Los animals de servicio son peritidos en autobus. Pequnos animals estan permitidos, pero solo una auia pero lievar sin peligro no offender a otros pasajeros.
  11. Please help to keep our bus clean. Do not litter on bus.
    Por favor, ayudenos a montener nuestros autobus limpios. No tire basura en el autobus.
  12. Only two brown bags or 4 plastic bags may be carried on bus.
    Solos dos bolsas de papel, bolsas de plastic o 4 se puede lievar en al autobus.


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