Saturday , October , 22 , 2016
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Ztrans roles out new color scheme for buses.

Ztrans, with the help of the NMDOT and FTA has recently launched a new color scheme for its' buses. Management chose

a Metallic Green color scheme that is sure to be noticed. A picture is coming soon!

You can now Track our buses on the web!

Go to www.doublemap.com on a smartphone or tablet and select Zia Transportation(last one) under "Clients Tab"

Then select "Go To Map"

Once there you will see all routes and stops. The buses will appear by number. Click on the stop you are at and it will display the amount of time until the bus arrives there.

If you need help, feel free to call our dispatch for information.


Welcome to Ztrans, Public Transportation provider for the Tularosa Basin and surrounding areas.

Ztrans has been in operation since 2001 and provides service to Alamogordo, Holloman AFB, La Luz, Tularosa, Mescalero Apache Reservation, and Las Cruces.


Ztrans operates the following Public Transportation Routes.

Fixed Route Service from Holloman AFB to Alamogordo...(Purple Route)

Fixed Route Service in Alamogordo...(Green and Yellow Routes)

Demand Response (Paratransit) Service that covers the same area as the routes above

Deviated Fixed Route Service from Alamogordo to Mescalero Apache Reservation...(Red and Blue Routes)

Intercity Service from Alamogordo to Las Cruces...(Orange Route)